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Cotton is an ancient fiber with an important role in the history of human development.
This valuable raw material is present in our daily lives in different ways and encompasses a series of benefits for human beings.


Cotton is a renewable and biodegradable natural fiber, which means it is a more sustainable choice compared to petroleum-derived synthetic materials.

new consumption habits

Cotton meets the demands of new consumers, who seek a return to natural raw materials and value their origin and sustainability of production processes.

comfort and soft touch

It is known to be soft, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It is a natural fiber that allows the skin to breathe, providing comfort during use.


It is an extremely versatile fiber, being used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products, from clothing, bedding and towels to medical and personal care products.


Cotton fibers are very durable. Cotton products tend to withstand frequent use, maintaining their structural integrity over a long period of time.


For people with sensitive skin or allergies, cotton is an ideal choice as it is less likely to cause irritation or allergic skin reactions compared to synthetic materials.

moisture wicking

Cotton has the ability to absorb moisture from the body, helping to keep you dry and comfortable. This makes the fiber a popular choice for sportswear, underwear and swimwear.

reduced environmental impact

Among the main fabric and clothing production fibers, cotton is the fiber that has one of the shortest decomposition times in nature.

  • Cotton

    1 week - 5 months
  • Silk

    1 - 4 years
  • Polyester

    20 - 200 years
  • Leather

    25 - 50 years
  • Nylon

    30 - 40 years

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