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Do you want to bring Brazilian cotton to your industry? Find out everything here!

Brazilian cotton bales are standardized in pressing, at the end of the ginning process. Each bale has an average weight of 200kg – 220kg and is 0.90m in length, 0.50m in width and 1.4m in height.

Each Brazilian cotton bale has a tracking code including the following information: producing farm, cotton ginning plant, ginning press number, laboratory and HVI test results.

Brazilian cotton is available for purchase 12 months a year, providing for easier planning and a more flexible production schedule.

100% of Brazilian cotton is tested by high-volume instruments (HVI).


As Brazil is a country with continental dimensions, cotton harvested in different states takes a variation in time to reach the Port of Santos, Brazil’s main port, and where 98.6% of the fiber exported comes from. Shipment can take 2 to 4 days from processing.

Added to this, a few more days are needed until it reaches the main countries purchasing the fiber:


China | 35 to 45 days (Qingdao, Shanghai and Zhangjiagang ports)


Vietnam | 42 to 50 days (Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong Danang ports)


Bangladesh | 45 to 65 days (Chattogram and Chittagong ports)


Türkiye | 35 to 40 days (Iskenderun and Mersin ports)


Pakistan | 45 to 55 days (Qasim and Karachi ports)


Indonesian | 34 to 50 days (Jakarta and Semarang ports)


Malaysia | 35 to 45 days (Klang and Tanjung Pelepas ports)


Korea | 40 to 50 days (Busan and Pusan ports)


Thailand | 40 to 45 days (Lat Krabang port)

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