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Cotton Brazil represents Brazilian natural fiber in the global market and its commitment to sustainability, quality and traceability.

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why choose Brazilian cotton?

When you buy Brazilian cotton, you also get:


high technology and standardized testing

100% of Brazilian cotton is tested by High-Volume Instruments (HVI). The testing ecosystem comprises 11 laboratories plus a central lab to ensure results that are reliable and valued worldwide.


the largest supplier of Better Cotton in the world

With a focus on sustainable processes, 92% of Brazilian cotton grows exclusively on rainwater. Today, the country supplies 36% of the sustainable cotton consumed in the world.


transparency from origin to delivery

Brazilian cotton is traceable through an exclusive system that allows for the identification of the entire chain, including growers, regions and gins. That spells reliability!

Abrapa Identification System

how to trace a bale?

Each Brazilian cotton bale bears a tracking code stating: producing farm, cotton ginning plant, gin press number, laboratory and HVI testing info.

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how to buy?

Download our Buyer’s Guide and have access to several Brazilian cotton export and import offices.

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cotton map

The most complete map with easy access to production data, export routes, delivery times and more.


who recommends Brazilian cotton?

"You have been doing a fantastic job improving quality and logistics. Since 2 or 3 years ago, Brazilian cotton has become more cost-effective and competitive. More and more mills recognize Brazilian cotton quality."

Mr. Yang Baofu

Deputy GM, CNCE China
"Brazilian cotton is very popular in China right now, due to its cost-benefit and inventory availability at the ports."

Sophie Su

Vice general manager of CNCGC HONG KONG limited
"After continuous improvements, for the last 10 years Brazilian cotton quality improved in all parameters. We receive 100% HVI data of Brazilian cotton. Previously, we used to retest the whole shipment, but now we don't need to retest anymore. 100% HVI represents a good amount of satisfaction, trust and reliability."

Anupam Agrawal

Business Director, PT Indorama Synthetics (Indonesia)

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