In this year’s edition of the International Cotton Conference Bremen, which takes place from March 18th to 22nd in the German city, Brazil will be strengthening its participation. To demonstrate the improvements in the quality and sustainability indicators of Brazilian cotton to the global market, the Brazilian Cotton Growers Association (Abrapa), through the program Cotton Brazil, will participate in two sessions and will also be holding a parallel event to the 37th edition of the conference.  

The Bremen conference has been considered the main event for the global cotton industry since the 1950s. It holds debates on the main innovations in the textile chain, bringing together experts, technicians, researchers and executives in the industry. Among the recurring themes are presentations of scientific papers, good practices, fibre quality indicators, textile processing, new products and market trends.  

“Our presence in Bremen is one of the initiatives planned for Cotton Brazil this year. The focus is to achieve greater visibility to the growing improvements of our production chain and to reinforce the advances in responsible production and the improvement in a variety of quality indicators”, remarked Mr. Alexandre Schenkel, President of Abrapa.  

Cotton Brazil is the brand used by Abrapa to position itself on a global scale. Its activities are developed as part of a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex Brasil) and is supported by the National Cotton Shippers Association (Anea).  


On March 20th, Cotton Brazil will hold a Breakout Session at 1pm on the topic of Sustainability in the cotton value chain: trends in regenerative practices and traceability. In addition to the attendance by Abrapa’s President, Alexandre Schenkel, also present will be the President of Anea, Miguel Faus, the director of International Relations at Abrapa and manager of Cotton Brazil, Marcelo Duarte, the head of Sustainability and Innovation at LDC Cotton, Bill Ballenden, and the international sustainability consultant Marzia Lanfranchi .  

The aim of the Breakout Session is to share with the company representatives, importers and executives in the global cotton chain the current challenges and efforts that cotton farming has made in relation to traceability and regenerative agriculture, both on a global scale and specifically in Brazil. 

On March 21st, at 4pm, Marcelo Duarte will moderate the session entitled “A Look at Breeding and Agriculture”. The following day, Deninson Lima, Abrapa’s Cotton Quality Specialist, will be on the “Cotton Quality and Testing” panel, at 11:45 am.  

More information about the Bremen conference can be found HERE.