Representatives from Chinatex, a Chinese state-owned trading company focused on the textile industry, arrived in Brazil this Friday (18th) to learn more about Brazilian cotton production. China is the largest consumer of Brazilian cotton and has already imported 455 thousand tonnes this year. In the last five years, Chinatex alone purchased 400 thousand tonnes of cotton from Brazil. 

“Chinese businessmen are coming here to strengthen ties with the Brazilian cotton sector in order to further expand Brazilian cotton’s presence in China. The visitors will go to the main producing regions and will see first-hand how the cotton ginning and classing processes take place, as well as having opportunities to speak with Brazilian exporters representing the sector”, said Alexandre Schenkel, president of the Brazilian Cotton Growers Association (Abrapa), and host for the delegation .  

Chinatex produces and sells fibre, yarn, fabric and textile products. As a large-scale player, Chinatex buys domestic and imported cotton, reselling and distributing it to Chinese mills. Official data indicate that Chinatex consumes around 2 million tonnes of cotton a year of which around 500,000 tonnes are imported. 

On the agenda for the visit to Brazil, which runs until August 24th, there will be a meeting with representatives of Abrapa and the National Cotton Shippers Association (Anea), as well as a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Carlos Fávaro. 

The delegation will also learn more about cotton production and ginning on farms in the states of Mato Grosso and Bahia. The trip will conclude with a visit to Senai’s Chemical and Textile Industry Technology Center, in Rio de Janeiro.