The Brazilian Cotton Growers Association (Abrapa) released its production estimate for the 2022/2023 season in early October. According to the association, 3.23 million tons of lint will be harvested in this cycle. 

The amount represents a 26.5% increase from the 2021/2022 crop. Abrapa also reported that harvesting is 100% complete while ginning is at around 64%. 

Increase in acreage and record yields 

According to Abrapa’s president, Alexandre Schenkel, the increase in production reflects the expansion in acreage (4.6% up), which totaled 1.67 million hectares, in addition to record yields achieved this year, with an average of 1,931 kg of ginned cotton per hectare. That’s 21% above the previous crop and 7% up from the record yields of the 2019/2020 season, which produced 1,802 kilos per hectare.  

Brazilian cotton crop: increase in volume and in quality 

The records in production and yields seen in Brazil this year come from the good development of the crops in the field, with adequate rainfall and temperature levels that translated not only in an increase in volume, but also in higher fiber quality. 

This year, we will have a super harvest, unlike last year, when we faced many weather difficulties. Characteristics such as micronaire and strength, length, uniformity and color have been significantly improved. 

Download HERE the latest Quality Report Cotton Brazil.  

The first estimates for the 2023/2024 crop year point to an 8.4% increase in cotton acreage, which should reach 1.81 million hectares, with production expected to be around 3.29 million tons, or 2% up from the crop that was recently harvested.  

“Regarding yields for next season, we’re being very conservative at the moment, as we acknowledge that weather conditions this year were favorable and led cotton production per hectare to hit a record. For 2023/2024, we are more conservative about these figures”, says Schenkel.