Only 20 years separate two realities: from a production level of 700 thousand tons to an output of almost 3 million tons. During this period, our country also reached the rank of 2nd largest exporter of cotton in the world! And this journey started on April 7, 1999, when the Brazilian Association of Cotton Growers (Abrapa) was created. The association was born under the sign of development, with 4 strategic pillars: quality, sustainability, traceability, and promotion.

The journey has been one of constant learning and hard work, as we opened new markets and showed the potential of Brazilian raw materials to the world.

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Abrapa is responsible for:

of Brazil's planted area
of Brazil's cotton production
of Brazilian cotton exports

state associations

Abrapa gathers 10 member associations, each representing a cotton-growing state in Brazil. They are: Abapa (Bahia), Acopar (Paraná), Agopa (Goiás), Amapa (Maranhão), Amipa (Minas Gerais), Ampa (Mato Grosso), Ampasul (Mato Grosso do Sul), Apipa (Piauí), Appa (São Paulo) and Apratins (Tocantins).

Abrapa and its member associations work in harmony: Abrapa guides operations in the states in order to promote the sustainable development of Brazilian cotton along well aligned purposes and ideals. Members execute the programs in their respective areas and provide feedback to Abrapa in terms of information, demands and specific requests from growers.

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